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"The more our daily life appears standardized, stereotyped, and subject to an accelerated reproduction of objects of consumption, the more art must be injected into it in order to extract from it that little difference which plays simultaneously between other levels of repetition, and even in order to make the two extremes resonate—namely, the habitual series of consumption and the instinctual series of destruction and death" - Gilles Deleuze

Photography = images that are never the objective capturing of reality but also a creative endeavor via what is photographed and how the image is produced.
A Trial-and-Error System

“Nothing is easier than to denounce the evil photographic image-maker; nothing is more difficult than to understand her.”
"It is through admiration that you will come to genuine critique."
Gilles Deleuze, "On Nietzsche and The Image of Thought"

Thomas Demand, Interview: Constructing the Authentic










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If you wait for the right moment, it would never arrive because you have to begin too early at the wrong moment, and through the very failure of the precipitable "too early attempts," you become materialized for the right moment.



"What we demand is the unity of politics and art, the unity of content and form, the unity of revolutionary political content and the highest possible perfection of artistic form. Works of art which lack artistic quality have no force, however progressive they are politically. Therefore, we oppose both works of art with a wrong political viewpoint and the tendency toward the "posters and slogan style" which is correct in political viewpoint but lacking in artistic power.

On questions of literature and art we must carry on a struggle on two fronts."

"Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Art" (May 1942)
Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung, Peking, Foreign Language Press, 1966, p. 302.


"Photography has no beginning or end; 
it is always in the middle, between things, interbeing, intermezzo." - YT 

 The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, Slavoj Žižek


 "...the talent is on the right and the truth is on the left; that it is this fatal disjunction between form and meaning that suffocates us; that we are unable to escape from aesthetics because our aesthetic is always the alibi for a conservatism."

 Roland Barthes


"Art must turn against itself, in opposition to its own concept, and thus become uncertain of itself right into its innermost fiber.... Art can no more be reduced to the general formula of consolation than to its opposite."

The Aesthetic Theory, Theodor W. Adorno

" artist cannot be said to be the author of
the art object. An artist can only be responsible for the art object,
because she answers to the request of the art object to be created.
Before being an art object, it has an existence, as material, as time, as
paint, as idea, as a stone, as ink, as graphite... And this material begs
to change its mode of existence, to become a work of art. And the artist
has to respond to the request. 'The work' then requests its becoming into
existence and its achievement. The work requests, appeals for its
fulfillment in another form of existence."
 - Sixteen Beavers + Vinciane Despret

"It is certainly not the least charm of a theory that it is refutable; 
it is precisely thereby that it attracts the more subtle minds."
Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil 

"It is much more easy to have sympathy with suffering than it is to have sympathy with thought."
Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man under Socialism, 1891


Fritz Kahn


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